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Camila for BlackBook Magazine

Teen Choice Awards 2014


Fetus Camila 


"She has a really really kind heart… it’s her personality that makes her a boss"

Reflection - 07/30/14 - Los Angeles, CA [x]

@camila_cabello: when will captain crunch return from war

Camila’s Twitlonger (July 20, 2014)

HELLOOOO SUNSHINES. tour is starting in just a week and i CANNOT EVEN FATHOM HOW EXCITED I AM FOR YOU TO HEAR THIS NEW MUSIC. IF YOU DONT PEE YOUR PANTS FROM EXCITEMENT I WILL DO IT FOR YOU. okay. find ur chill Camila. So, anyways, as you know your opinions and your feelings and your thoughts are ridiculously important to me, i mean it when i say i see what you say, i hear it, and i keep it in ma heart pocket. some of you probably remember about a year ago when i had my breakdown after i spent 3 hours reading indirects and uncontrollably sobbing (bad times), it really messed with my self esteem and i swore to myself i would never look up and therefore address any rumors or hate again. however, when it affects you guys, people that i care about, when it affects the potential of both 5h and Austin’s fandoms to enjoy the summer and all it’s promise, i feel like it wouldn’t hurt to talk about some things, harmonizerz, i know how protective you are of us girls, we are a pack. we are the baby cubs and you are the fierce lionesses that will leap at any sign of danger. Bob saget is our leader. jk. but really, i know you guys are coming from a good place and i can’t thank you enough for always wanting to protect me and for allowing me to have the kind of relationship I have with you , you know how I feel about you guys. same thing goes for mahomies, they’re trying to protect austin. but honestly, THERES NOTHING TO BE FIGHTING OVER BECAUSE AUSTIN AND I ARE JUST FRIENDS. and to his mahomies, i support his happiness as much as you do, so nothin to be stressed about. the best thing ever would be for everybody under that roof on this tour to give each other another chance and enjoy the music. cause that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? i really hope im not pissing everyone off because i might be, but I love you all and I promise I’m coming from a good place too, KOALA HUG TIME SEE U SOON